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Configure Transana

Launch Transana from either the desktop icon or the start menu.

You will then get the following configuration screen.

Enter your username and password.

In the Host/Server line type: "" (without quotes)

In the database field select the database for the project you are working on.

Then click OK.

You will then receive the following message.

Click Yes. Then in the subsequent screen type the name of the Transana Message server hostname in this case: "" (without quotes) The port should already be set to 17595 and you should not need to change it.

Click OK.

Then open the Transana Program settings by clicking "options" then "program settings"


Click "Browse" and navigate to the correct Video Root & Waveform directories for the project you are working on.  As seen in the screenshot below. (these directories may change depending on your project)


 Click OK.  You are now ready to use Transana.

Last Updated: 5/24/18