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August 14th 2015Software UpdatesNow pushing the following software updates:
Quicktime 7.7.7
Flash Player
Chrome 44.0.2403.130
Java 1.8.u51 x86
Java 1.8.u51 x64
Firefox 39.0.3

Now offering the following optional updates:
VLC 2.2.1
PuTTY 0.65.0
iTunes x86
iTunes x64

July 8th 2015Software UpdatesNow pushing the following software updates:
Chrome 43.0.2357.130
Firefox 38.0.1
Flash Player ActiveX
Flash Player Plugin NPAPI

July 7th 2015Schedule Outage 7-11-2015UIT staff members will be performing network equipment upgrades on our core backbone connection Saturday, July 11th. If all goes as planned, there should only be a short 10-15 minute outage starting at 8am. To account for the possibility of any unexpected delays, UIT has requested a much longer outage window of time. Please plan for intermittent to full disruption of network services between the hours of 8am and 12pm on July 11th. All services including Internet access will be affected by this outage.

If you are planning to use your workstation between the hours of 8am and 12pm Saturday, please:
  • save your work to your local hard drive or removable storage.
  • save often
  • be sure to move/copy your work to your network storage (N: drive) once the outage is complete to ensure your work is backed up.

June 18th 2015Regular OutageJust a reminder that our monthly sheduled maintenance outages occur the third Thursday of every month.
See for details.
May 22nd 2015Software UpdatesNow pushing the following software updates:
Java 1.8.u45 x86
Java 1.8.u45 x64

The following tested software is available to install:
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 12.0.0

Instructions to install tested software are here.