Thursday 20 July, 2017

CSBS Computing Web Services

CSBS computing provides web site hosting services for college departments, support clients and their collaborators. We host approximately 50 sites ranging from simple pages to complex data-driven web applications. CSBS’ hosting platforms are Sun Sparc based. Core supported technologies are:

  • Apache (2.2)
  • MySQL (5)
  • Perl (5.8) (cgi)
  • PHP (5) (cgi)
  • Joomla (1.5)
  • TikiWiki
  • Tomcat
  • Zope
  • Plone
  • If you don't see what you need here, please ask us.

Specific support to departments, clients and collaborators

  • Web site hosting
  • Domain name management
  • Design and development assistance is available for college and departmental sites
  • Web Analytics
  • Secure site hosting
  • Sftp/SMB upload options

Support for faculty, grad students and staff

  • Basic web site hosting under department sites, with cgi rights
  • Sftp/SMB upload options
  • Support is limited to assistance with upload configurations and permissions
  • Design and edit support is not available for personal pages
  • Users are encouraged to use AOCE courses or free Marriott Library Workshops to learn about web design and publishing