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COVID-19 Support Expectations

To assist with efforts to prevent the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19), CSBS Computing is recommending the following guidelines with respect to computer support:

  • Avoid shared contact. To prevent the virus from spreading through physical contact, if your computer is able to connect to the Internet (on or off campus), staff members can coordinate a time to provide support via phone and/or remote screen sharing using Teamviewer/Zoom. Most issues can be resolved without bringing your computer into the office. We understand that in some cases coordinated remote support may not be as convenient as a drop-off, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule within standard business hours. 
  • Submit support requests online. To reduce the potential of the virus spreading through face-to-face interaction, we wish to discourage walk-in support. Whenever possible, please submit your support requests online via our website at or via phone at 801-585-8985. When you submit your help request, be sure to inform us of any time constraints and communicate an appropriately considered priority.
  • Remote software installation. Requests for software installations will be facilitated via automated processes or coordinated manual remote installations. If your Internet connection does not have sufficient throughput or reliability to facilitate certain software installations, you may be asked to coordinate a time to plug your laptop into the campus wired network.
  •  Computer/equipment sanitation. If a support staff member determines that your computer must be brought into our office, our staff members have been instructed to use sanitizing wipes when handling the equipment. We do not require you to sanitize your computer before bringing it in, but we do advise you to do so when the equipment is returned to you.


We will continue striving to provide high quality support while respecting guidance from our college and the University’s administration. 

Last Updated: 5/14/21