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Request Access to CSBS Services: Provision your UNID

Support Options: 

  • Submit a helpdesk request online
  • Call 801-585-8985
    • Ext 1 for technical
    • Ext 2 for administrative
  • Walk into our office located in GC 1735, between 8am-5pm. Campus map highlighting our office is here.  Quick problems can be addressed on the spot, more complex issues will generate a Helpdesk ticket.


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  • CSBS-RDG1 now uses Duo 2FA

    For Remote Desktop users, the Remote Desktop Gateway now uses Duo 2FA. This means that when you login, your phone/app will get a prompt to approve the login. Duo is the same application you use to login to CIS.

  • Service restored

    All CSBS services were restored at 9:45 am. You may need to log out and back in to restore your N: or S: drive connectivity. If you are still experiencing any disruption in service, please contact the helpdesk.

  • Campus Outage

    Campus is experiencing a major interruption of IT related services due to a disruption in the fiber connections between campus and the downtown data center. All CSBS services have been affected by this disruption. CSBS Services includes access to the helpdesk, N: and S: drives, as well as the loss of functionality of all CSBS instructional computer labs and the online virtual lab. CSBS Computing staff members are working with UIT to determine an ETA for restoration.

Last Updated: 8/10/18