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Request Access to CSBS Services: Provision your UNID

Support Options: 

  • Submit a helpdesk request online
  • Call 801-585-8985
    • Ext 1 for technical
    • Ext 2 for administrative
  • Walk into our office located in GC 1735, between 8am-5pm. Campus map highlighting our office is here.  Quick problems can be addressed on the spot, more complex issues will generate a Helpdesk ticket.


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  • Software Updates - 01-24-19

    Now pushing the following software updates:
    Mozilla Firefox 63.0.1
    VLC media player 3.0.4
    Adobe Shockwave
    Java 1.8.u191 x86/x64
    Adobe Flash Player
    Google Chrome Ent. 71.0.3578.98

    Available by request:
    Apple iTunes x86/x64
    7zip 18.06 x86/x64

  • CSBS Network Storage Upgrade

    CSBS Computing is in-process of upgrading all storage. With the upgrade there will be a change in the way you access shared folders. Click here for details

  • Software Updates - 11-08-17

    Now pushing the following software updates:
    Google Chrome 70.0.3538.67
    Adobe Flash Player

    Available by request:
    Box Drive 2.0.70 x64/x86

Last Updated: 8/10/18