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CSBS Network Storage Upgrade Fall 2018

CSBS Computing is in-process of upgrading all storage. With the upgrade there will be a change in the way you access shared folders.

We are separating shared folders from the N: drive and landing them on the S: drive. Shared folders are folders that contain content that is accessible by more than one user. Before this change you may have had access to a shared folder via your N: drive (e.g. N:\foldername_share), during and after the transition you will find that same shared folder on the S: drive (e.g. S:\foldername_share).

For Mac users, instead of finding shared folders on your Home drive, there will now be a separate Share drive. Instructions for mapping the share drive are online at

For Windows users, during the transition you will be able to access shared folders from either location, the N: drive or the S: drive. After each shared folder’s transition, you will only be able to access that shared folder from the S: drive. You should start using your shared folders on the S: drive to become familiar with the additional drive mapping.

This change does not affect non-shared folders on your N: drive (or Home drive for Mac users). Before and after the transition, continue to save your work to the N: drive, unless of course you mean for that work to land in a shared folder, then save to the relevant folder on the S: drive.

Our new storage servers have increased resiliency, performance and allow for larger quotas. Our goal is to have everything transitioned by the end of winter break. New shared folders begin leveraging the new storage immediately and can be requested online at

If you have questions or find that you cannot access your shares on the S: drive, please submit a support request at

Last Updated: 11/13/18