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Microsoft Campus Agreement Licensing

Note: Although CSBS Computing does provide users of personal equipment with serial numbers for software which they have licensed, we do not provide media, perform installations or provide assurances as to software functionality and interoperability with the user's personal computer.

Microsoft Campus Agreement

CSBS Computing annually purchases licenses for Microsoft products listed in the Microsoft Campus Agreement. OSL negotiates and renews this license each year. This terms of this agreement allow for second installations of some applications to facilitate work at home or during travel. The cost of obtaining additional media is very inexpensive. The specific terms of the licenses can be found below.

In accordance with the provisions of the University of Utah Microsoft Campus Agreement, CSBS Computing will provide the license key for specific Microsoft software packages to any CSBS faculty or staff who wish to have the supported programs installed on a second computer. This second computer may be a laptop or workstation and may be owned by the University or personal equipment.

The individual requesting the software will be required to obtain the proper media from OSL. The media ordering page can be found here (select "Work At Home" media). The user will be required to fill out and sign a release form acknowledging the restrictions of the license agreement. These restrictions include, among other things, that the software will be used for university business only and the understanding that the software license is owned by the University, not the user, and that they will be required to uninstall the software if their employment with the University of Utah ends.

The Microsoft Software that is covered by this agreement is listed below:

  • CoreCAL
  • Office 2003 Professional - Windows
    • Access 2003
    • Excel 2003
    • InfoPath 2003
    • Outlook 2003
    • PowerPoint 2003
    • Publisher 2003
    • Word 2003
  • Office 2004 Standard - Macintosh
    • Word 2004
    • Excel 2004
    • PowerPoint 2004
    • Entourage 2004
  • Office 2004 Professional - Macintosh
    • Word 2004
    • Excel 2004
    • PowerPoint 2004
    • Entourage 2004
    • Virtual PC 7 with Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Windows OS XP Professional 32 bit Upgrade
  • Windows OS XP Professional 64 bit Upgrade


Last Updated: 9/29/16