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CSBS Virtual Lab 

citrixWelcome to the CSBS Virtual Lab, to get started using lab applications you will need to install Citrix Receiver.
If you cannot install the app, you can still access applications via a web browser. Modern web browsers will limit or restrict your experience due to default security configurations. For best results install the receiver app on your device. If you unable to download and login via Citrix receiver, please access the web login here.
Once connected to the virtual lab, we highly recommend the usage of network storage to save and access your files, as they will be available if you login to the virtual lab, or via our physical labs here on campus.


 File Storage Options

storage overview

Accessing local storage 

When using Citrix Receiver, you can access files with the lab applications from your local computer.   If you are logged in via a web browser, you will not be able to access local files in this manner.

Accessing cloud storage using Box

To access files from your Box account, follow the Cloud Storage Integration instructions. Then, simply open your files from the I: drive within the application.

Accessing network storage (N:)

We provision unid accounts for network storage at the start of each semester.  If you do not see an N: drive available, please provision your unid account for access to our network storage here.  



For any further support, please contact CSBS Computing


Last Updated: 5/24/18