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Installing Applications and Application Updates

Software applications and their updates will be made available for you to install without requiring administrative privileges. An application may become available by request, or because there is an update available. Some application updates are critical to security and will be installed automatically if your computer is powered on during our standard maintenance windows. These maintenance windows occur every Wednesday and Saturday morning starting at 1am but are subject to change as needed. CSBS managed desktop computers run software that places computers in standby/sleep mode, saving power when idle. The power software activates or 'wakes up' computers for our scheduled maintenance windows. For this reason, you should never power down your computer unless you are aware of a pending power outage. If you use a laptop, then your computer's power is not managed by us. Due to the nature of portability and battery power, it would not be reasonable for us to try to wake up laptops on a schedule. If you have a laptop, or any computer that you must power down regularly, then it is important that you manually choose to install updates when we make them available. For Microsoft updates, click here. Otherwise follow these instructions for installing applications and their updates.


Software Install Instructions:

  1. The task tray is the area next to the clock on right side of your windows task bar. When an application or software update becomes available, an icon with a red star () appears on your task tray. On Windows 7 or newer, the icon may be hidden so you should periodically check for the icon by clicking the triangle or 'up arrow' on the task tray as in this picture: 
  2. Right-clicking the icon () will present the option to open Software Center.
    If there is no icon, You can get to Software whether or not the tray icon appears by these steps:

    Open the Start Menu


    Type "Software Center" to search for the program and then open it.


    Or, navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 -> Software Center



  3. Both the icon or the Software Center application should present the available software packages. Here is an example showing an entry to install Microsoft Office 2016:

  4. Select the application you would like to install by clicking once on the application name, then click 'Install.' The application will begin installing. The applicaton should move youre requested application to the 'Installation Status' tab along the top.   Depending on the application, you may or may not see a progress indicator. The list of available software should refresh automatically, showing the current status of the application install, i.e. 'Downloading', 'Installing', 'Installed'. If there are no indicators of activity, you can refresh the software list to see the last status by pressing F5 on your keyboard. Here is a screenshot of a larger list of software and their last status:

    If you see a status of "Failed" for any application/update, please submit a support case at or call 801-585-8985.
Last Updated: 5/24/18