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Quota Policy

I. Purpose

Excessive use of storage resources impacts all users, general system stability, and performance. The purpose of this policy is to define the storage allocation for individual user accounts and the actions that will be taken to remediate storage excesses. The intent of this policy is to encourage responsible use and management of the storage services provided by CSBS servers.

II. Policy

Users are required to manage the storage allocated to them within the limits set by their quota. CSBS will attempt to contact users who exceed their storage allocation via email before any action is taken to resolve storage difficulties. If contact and resolution are not possible or timely, CSBS will take actions necessary to protect the stability and performance of its services for all users. These actions include moving or archiving user data, and possibly locking accounts.

III. Quota Defaults

A Quota is a file-system setting that governs the amount of disk storage a user is allowed to use.

At this time storage quotas are in effect for the home (N: drive) storage. Mail folders are governed by the umail storage quota. Shared folders (folders shared between more than one user) will be governed by a quota to be implemented at a later date.

Email Quotas:

See for a definition of the umail service. 
Umail quotas can be checked using the UNID tools at

Home (N: drive) Quotas:

All accounts hosted by CSBS Computing are allocated home storage by default as follows:

Group Status Initial Limit
Undergraduate 2GB
Graduate 2GB
Staff 2GB
Faculty 2GB

Saving files to home storage will be prohibited when:

A user's Home storage exceeds the limit at any time


We understand that some users may be away for extended periods of time or may need increases in their quota to address special project demands. To request an increase please submit aHelpDesk request detailing the amount needed, the justification for this increase and term that this increase will be required.

IV. Quota Notification

Each evening the system will review disk storage for each user and will send warning emails to each user that is near (within 5%) or at their limit. These are the only notices that will be sent to warn users of excessive storage. These notices will be sent to the user's Umail address.

V. Checking Your Quota

Please reach out to us at 801-585-8985 or submit a ticket.

Last Updated: 5/24/18