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Virtual Lab

The Virtual Lab is a service provided by CSBS Computing that allows students access to selected University-licensed programs from virtually any computer with an internet connection. Supported platforms include Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Check out the list of available applications in the Virtual Lab.

Setup for Windows and macOS

On a desktop computer, there are four major steps to using the virtual lab for the first time. If you need to access the lab from a mobile device, please refer to the section labeled "Connecting to the Virtual Lab with other devices" at the end of this guide.

    1. Install Citrix Workspace
      1. Download the most recent version of the client for Windows or Mac.
      2. Launch the downloaded installer and follow the prompts.
      3. When asked for an account simply close the installer and proceed with the next step.

Using a web browser

    2. Login using your uNID credentials (Enroll in Duo)
    3. Follow Duo 2FA prompts (about Duo 2FA)
    4. Click to "Detect Citrix Workspace"
--- OR ---

Open the Citrix Workspace application

  1. Enter "" as the Server address
  2. Login using uNID credentials (Enroll in Duo)
  3. Follow Duo 2FA prompts (about Duo 2FA)


    1.  Citrix StoreFront displays available applications in the web browser, similar to the screenshot below:Virtual Lab application list
    2. Locate your desired application and click on its icon in order to launch it. Alternatively you can search for the application you need with the search bar in the upper right. After a brief wait, the application should launch.


How to access files from the Virtual Lab

There are multiple methods you can use to access files in the Virtual Lab.

  • University Box account through our Cloud Storage Integration portal
  • Provisioned network storage (N: or S: drive)
  • Your local files or a USB drive

Accessing Cloud Storage using Box

To access files from your Box account, follow the Cloud Storage Integration instructions here. Then, simply open your files from the I: drive within the application.

box open files

Accessing network storage

You can request to have your account provisioned for network storage. Once provisioned, any CSBS-managed computer you log into will have the drive letter N: where files can be stored and accessed.

n drive

Accessing local storage

Local files are only available logging into the virtual lab directly through Citrix Workspace.  When you login the first time, you should see a prompt to allow access from Workspace to your local files.  Click "Permit all access".

 Receiver warning on WindowsReceiver warning on macOS

When you select 'File-> Open' from within a lab application, you will see the below:  (example here is from SAS)

open file

The  highlighted drives refer to your local computer, the names here may vary slightly, as the (C: on IMUNDO) portion will be replaced with your computer name.  C: on [computer_name] will go to the base of your file structure, and H: on [computer_name] will go to you user home.  Navigate to your files and open them.  

Troubleshoot opening files saved to your computer

Windows file permissions (access to local files)

  1. Open your application from StoreFront
  2. Right click on the Workspace icon in the taskbar and select 'Connection Center'.  
      1. You may have to click the small up arrow to see this taskbar icon.

task bar

  1. Highlight the VDA and select 'Preferences' from the right hand side.
      1. You will not be able to click on 'Preferences' unless the VDA is highlighted.connection center preferences
      2. Ensure 'Read and Write' is checked under the File access tab and select 'Apply', then 'OK'.

Mac file permissions (access to local storage)

  1. Open Workspace and login directly following the steps listed above.
  2. Opening a file from your computer for the first time should trigger a permissions request. Besure to assign Read and Write permissions. If the prompt does not appear, proceed through step 3.
  3. Click on the Workspace icon in the menu bar and select 'Preferences'.

Citrix preferences

  1. Click on the 'Devices' tab and ensure the 'Read and Write' radio button is selected.citrix preferences
Last Updated: 1/10/23