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  • Submit a helpdesk request online
  • Call 801-585-8985
    • Ext 1 for technical
    • Ext 2 for administrative
  • Walk into our office located in FMAB 005, between 8am-5pm. Quick problems can be addressed on the spot, more complex issues will generate a Helpdesk ticket.

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September 27th 2016Software UpdatesNow pushing the following software updates:
Chrome 52.0.2743.116
Firefox 47.0.1

May 26th 2016CSBS Computing moveDuring the next two weeks CSBS Computing staff, with the assistance of Space Planning, are preparing for and moving our offices, two computer labs, a computer staging and storage area, and a small datacenter out of Orson Spencer Hall. Our offices and staging area are moving to FMAB 005. In addition to physically moving, we are also transitioning to a new phone system. While we will do our best to maintain helpdesk coverage during these transitions, there may be some delays in turn-around on computer builds and lower priority support cases.

To be certain your request is received, whenever possible use our online ticket system at Be sure to select an appropriate priority. For example selecting 'Critical' priority will immediately page all computing staff members. Please use the critical priority only if your need is indeed critical (e.g. class in progress, network down).

You can also call our main number, 801-585-8985. While we expect a smooth phone transition, please inform us of any problems you encounter using the phones (e.g. disconnected, forever hold). If no one is available to take the call, please leave us a detailed voice messa ge.

Thank you for your patience.

May 20th 2016Software UpdatesNow pushing the following software updates:
Adobe Flash Player
Google Chrome Enterprise 50.0.2661.94
Java JRE 1.8.u91
Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1
Citrix Receiver 4.4.1000.16

May 5th 2016Storage Outage 9pmThursday, May 5th at 9:00 p.m. the College of Social and Behavioral Science will experience a network file storage outage. Our Best estimations indicate that the outage should last approximately 30 minutes. This outage is necessary to address a file locking issue that we have been tracking the past few weeks. The outage only affects access to network storage, all other services should remain online during the outage.