Thursday 20 July, 2017
Umail Migration Information
CSBS is migrating all email services to the campus Umail system over the course of a few weeks this summer. This page is here to provide more information about what these changes mean for our users.
Only CSBS accounts that have been linked to their university UNID will be migrated to UMAIL. To learn more about linking your account, please go to uNID to CSBS Account Linking Information.
To learn more about the campus UMail system please visit the UMail site.
Important Information About the Transition
How to check Email During the Transition:
Starting at 5pm the day before the transition (see schedule below for your department) the only way to send/receive mail will be via the Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface. OWA is accessed by pointing your web browser to and logging in using your UNID. CSBS Computing staff members as well as the UMail team will be configuring Outlook or Entourage on your computer during the transition.
Outlook or Entourage Required:
Microsoft Outlook will be the standard mail client for PCs, Microsoft Entourage for the MACs. Other mail clients are supported but will not be able to utilize many of the collaboration features of the UMail system. See the UMail site for other mail client configurations. Assistance with non-standard mail clients can be requested after the transition via the helpdesk.
Mail Forwarding Disabled:
Mail forwarding from either CSBS mail and/or UMail will be disabled at the start of the transition. If desired you may have it re-enabled by following the instructions at or by contacting the campus helpdesk at 801-581-4000.
Multiple Addresses:
Great care will be taken to transfer all mail aliases (addresses) utilized by your account to the UMail system. However, if you received mail at one alias, but at multiple domains, then you will need to request the additional domain alias(es) after the transition. For example if you are a psych user with the alias alfred and receive mail both at and, then only will be transferred to your UMail account. If you require both domains simply request the additional alias via the helpdesk.
Quota Changes:
The standard UMail quota is 500MB per user. On the CSBS system, you had two quotas, an Inbox quota that governed just your Inbox, and a home quota that governed both your home storage and all of your mail folders that weren’t your Inbox. After the transition, you will still have two quotas, but with the following changes. Your UMail quota will govern all of your mail folders including your inbox. Your home quota will not govern any of your mail folders, but will continue to govern your home storage (N: drive).
Existing Accounts that Exceed Quota:
Accounts that consumed more than the standard 500MB quota before the transition will be given exceptions to the standard limit, up to 1.5GB or 1500MB. Exceptions can also be granted by request if and when the standard 500MB becomes too limiting. Accounts that consumed more that 1.5GB prior to the transition will need to apply alternative solutions to be discussed with those individuals during the transition.
Email Recovery:
Messages deleted can usually be recovered from the Deleted Items folder, see
Messages deleted from the Deleted Items folder, or deleted by a mail client that doesn’t support the Deleted Items folder, can only be recovered from tape. UMail does not support recovery of deleted messages from tape for free. Recovery requests are billed to the end user.
Email Transferred:
Messages existing in your CSBS account prior to the transition will be transferred to your UMail account the day of the transition.
Transition Schedule for Email Domains
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Thursday, July 30th, 2009 (done)
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 (done) (OBIA) (dormant?) (dormant) (dormant)